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Click the link in the alphabetical list above. Then click a hymn title.

On the page with the words, right-click the link next to MIDI music and select Open link in new tab if you wish to listen to the music and see the words at the same time.

The music files are in MIDI format and will play online in QuickTime player, a free application downloadable from Apple (see “MIDI music” for link to download site).

Note: QuickTime version 7.7.4 for Windows released May 2013 -  MIDI files no longer play online.

To download the music file, right-click on a song title, select Save link as OR Save target as and save to a folder on your computer’s hard drive.

To play the song on your computer, navigate to where you have saved the file and double-click it. Should you have a problem hearing the sound, see “MIDI Music” for assistance.

You can highlight, copy and paste the words into a text editing programme.

To view the Musical score, click the link next to Score. It will open in pdf format in a new tab. Right-click and select Save As.

NOTE: The quality of the sound depends on your computer’s sound card and speakers.